Diabetes tips and tricks type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes

10 tips on how to properly report on diabetes

Writing about diabetes is tricky. As you report as a journalist on a disease that affects more than 400 million people worldwide without putting you in the nettles … we help you. Ready?

Getting diabetes right is not that easy. Small mistakes, a forgotten letter, an unfavorable abbreviation … and zack you get toasted.

Diabetes tips and tricks
Diabetes tips and tricks
Diabetes tips and tricks

Ask Tarun kr. Actually, he wanted to move the diabetes campaign a bit more into the public eye. He has too, but it is trampled into a deep faux pas. Just because a little detail was ignored: there are 2 types of diabetes. And BAM … the crowd went wild, the thing took its course … Ouch!

Ok, let’s capture a few basics. Not that that happens to you.

Diabetes tips and tricks

10 Diabetes tips and tricks on avoiding the most popular diabetes pitfalls

If you’re writing about diabetes or people with this disease, keep these few things in mind:

  1. We do not have diabetes, but we live with diabetes
  2. There are 2 different types of diabetes. Do not mix them! Seriously. This bug will be dealt with by mob equipment such as torches and dung-picking. A very emotional point. Below you will find a detailed description of both types.
  3. It is not the fault of the patient 
    -> In type 1 diabetes, the Genesis is still unclear 
    -> In type 2 diabetes, the lifestyle can play a big role, but also strong genetics and coincidence
  4. We do not measure our insulin, we measure our blood sugar
  5. Hyperglycaemia – a high blood sugar – does not get us around the corner as fast as it likes to be shown in movies. They just always want to make the script more exciting. Drama just. Bloody Bastards!
  6. Hypoglycaemia – a low blood sugar – can put you in quite uncomfortable situations. Usually we can handle it. But sometimes we need help. Thank you.
  7. Insulin. This is really the LAST thing we need in a hypo (glycemia)! Incidentally, sugar would be the right choice.
  8. Something like a special “diet for diabetics” does not exist. We can eat everything that others eat. A healthy and balanced diet harms us as little as you.
  9. We are not poor, weak or so. Actually, we are actually quite great, even if it costs us just under 2 hours a day to manage all the stuff.
  10. With badly or wrongly researched facts the shot can backfire properly. The NYT has led the way once , and was on wonderful factual manner tidy by Kelly Close and diatribe.org, and “one or two” other friends countered Big ouch!
Diabetes tips and tricks About diabetes

There are different types, different causes, different treatment
Blood sugar increases when we eat certain things: carbohydrates, protein, fat. 
Insulin lowers blood sugar. 
Diabetes means somehow the body does not treat insulin as it should. Diabetes does not just go away, because diabetes is a chronic disease. 
There are nearly 400 million diabetics worldwide, divided into 2 main types (and some subgroups, but that would go too far now). 
About 40 million have type 1 diabetes. The body literally attacks itself – Diabetes Type-1 is an autoimmune disease. 
360 million people have type 2 diabetes and the body is insulin resistant.

Either the insulin resistance has to be lowered (type 2), or the blood sugar has to be kept in check in different ways (type 1, and in some cases also later type 2). 
And if it really really goes wrong, then in the worst case, it can unfortunately also Bye bye foot. Stop what you read about everywhere. Keyword secondary complications. 
But if everything goes well, then at least as old and wrinkled as all others. Provided we keep an eye on what we eat and keep moving.

The fact is, however, which diabetes type one has on the cheek, the therapy is corrosive.

Type-1 Diabetes tips and tricks therapy 

The therapy is time consuming and in the long run quite exhausting: 
To find out our blood sugar value, we piksen in the finger. 
Depending on the outcome, we inject insulin to lower the blood sugar, or eat something to increase it. 
Whether a main meal or a snack in between, we estimate the carbohydrates in the diet and calculate the required amount of insulin accordingly. 
To express it dramatically, we make the decision about life and death about 20 times a day. 
But honestly, it’s not that dramatic when …

  • we have a good control
    • we have access to all the things we need
    • we have the right basic education
    • we have the right attitude towards diabetes

Without the right personal attitude, it does not matter what technology we have access to, or how much we know. Thanks to technology and science, we diabetics are alive. And we are actually the pioneers of the Quantified Self movement.

Type 2 Diabetes tips and tricks therapy

Type 2 Diabetes Insulin resistance can be reduced by exercise, diet and, if necessary, medication.
In the early stages, you can prevent the progression, so that no medication is needed. 
If exercise and nutrition fail, the medication must be taken. Either enough tablets or insulin must be injected a few times a week. 
Later, it can happen that the insulin production of the pancreas completely comes to a halt. Insulin injections are then inevitable – the therapy is then almost exactly as in type 1 diabetes.

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