keto diet: Drinking alcohol on keto diet

Drinking alcohol on keto diet: Some people, who used to drink alcohol regularly before switching over to the ketogenic plan wonder if they could continue drinking some type of alcohol. So they research and find alcoholic beverages with fewer carbohydrates, without wheat, etc. On this page, we review the impact of consuming alcohol on keto.

Drinking alcohol on keto diet

Drinking alcohol on keto diet

Can I drink alcohol on the ketogenic diet? | Drinking alcohol on keto diet

Even though the dietary guidelines of the USDA allow the consumption of alcohol in moderation, the fact is that even if you consume pure alcohol without any carbohydrates added, it still has to be broken down by the body, it causes dehydration and depletes the body of vitamins. Consuming alcohol leads to a fatty liver. It is toxic to the liver, kills cells in the liver and in the brain. Complications of having a fatty liver include inflammation.

So as long as you are comfortable with the above-listed effects of alcohol on the body, you may consume it on keto as long as the total carbohydrate content of a drink is within your daily maximum recommended carb intake (Drinking alcohol on ketogenic diet).