Adding to your shopping trolley during your weekly trip to the grocery store may do wonders to your health. Fibers only occur in plant-based food and are best known to lower blood sugar, prevent colon cancer, hemorrhoids and cutting down the cholesterol level in the body. It’s not just a mere prediction that if fibers were a drug, the whole world would be clamoring for a pinch. Below are foods high in fiber or .

Foods High in Fiber
Foods High in Fiber


The Asian Pears – Foods High in Fiber

It’s a medium raw fruit that contains 5.5 grams of fiber and other notable nutrients including vitamin K, vitamin C, omega-six fatty acids, and potassium. This fruit is also an associate of other health benefits including enhancing healthy nerves function, the brain, and cells .

Avocado – Foods High in Fiber

The fiber content in avocados depends on the type; the Florida avocados (the bright green, smooth-skinned avocados) have more insoluble fiber than California avocados (the dimpled variety that is smaller with darker skin). In addition to fiber, avocados have other healthy fats that are essential in lowering cholesterol levels and minimizing risks of heart diseases .


Green peas, lentils, and other varieties of beans are some of the foods high in fiber with kidney beans on top of the list with 6 grams of fiber in just half a cup. However, the rest of the beans are not far on the list with the same amount of cooked lentils supplying 5 grams of fibers as well as .

Bread, Pasta, and Rice

Whole grains including the whole wheat bread, brown rice, and whole-grain pasta are the recommendable foods high in fiber. Brown rice contains four grams of fiber per half a cup while the same amount of wheat pasta has three grams and a slice of wheat bread having two grams of .

Snack on seeds and nuts

Nuts serving size is small, even though, one ounce of almost all types of seeds and nuts are one category of foods high in fibers, and they help in attaining the required nutrients. For that matter, toasted unsalted sunflower seeds contain three grams of fiber the same as an ounce of dried roasted almonds. Roasted pumpkins, hazelnuts, and peanuts are also among food high in fiber, and when incorporated into baked goods, cold or cooked cereals salads or in snacks can boost your nutrients intake .


These categories are well valued as a healthy breakfast option after being noted as one of the many foods high in fiber content with a cup of oatmeal supplying twelve grams of fiber .


Commonly found in cereal, bran is hugely loaded with fiber with each cup containing twenty grams. These foods high in fiber can be whipped up in a nutritious smoothie and have it for breakfast. The shake offers plenty of fibers, and it’s a healthy and a delicious way to incorporate fiber into your diet while getting a hefty amount of proteins all in the same glass.


The jewel-like berries have been in the spotlight in the world of beauty as one of the beast antioxidants but don’t forget about their fiber bonus that put them on a top list of foods high in fiber. They yield a considerable amount of the best fiber per calorie bargain in the entire globe.

They have tiny seeds in them hence winning the award for supplying the highest-fiber levels among many other fruits. You can make the most out of berries by enjoying them year-round; take them comfortably during summer and have them frozen, dried and preserved during other times of the year. They make the best tops for breakfast cereals, salads, desserts and yogurts.


Deep green, leafy vegetables are among foods high in fiber, beta-carotene, minerals, and vitamins. Thousands of species of edible leaves available on the planet are so delicious when toasted in salads or when you salt them in garlic, olive oil, herbs or lemon to give them the rich flavor. Some of the dark green leafy vegetables include cooked turnip greens which supply about three grams of fibers per every cup.

Sweet peas

Dried peas, as well as green peas, are naturally chocking full of fiber, and they can be taken fresh or frozen. You can make the most out of it by incorporating them into a stew, side dishes, dips, casseroles, soup or salads.

Fiber Fortification Power

Foods high in fiber starting from yogurt to juice have made a point to include fiber fortification in their ingredient lineup essential for busy people to help them achieve their fiber goals. There is a rise in consumer interest on foods high in fiber that have functional benefits such as cardiovascular protection, and digestive health. The attention has continuously grown and we expect even more food products with fiber content supply on the supermarket shelves.

Caution for Foods High in Fiber

Fiber is found in two forms; roughage or insoluble form which don’t dissolve in water, and the soluble form which is also known as a viscous fiber because it’s absorbed in water creating a vicious, gel-like mass in the digestive tract. A sudden increase in fiber intake to your diet causes discomfort, diarrhea, and fills your stomach with gas. Therefore, it best when you gradually add foods high in fiber to your diet as you take plenty of water to allow the transition to be more comfortable as well as alleviating the said issues.

Taking Foods high in fiber excessively causes absorption difficulties with iron, calcium, zinc, copper, and magnesium leading to deficiencies. If you have raised concern with these issues, take your time to consult a physician .

The bottom line for Foods High in Fiber

Fiber consumption is at an all-time low with only one-third of Americans observing the recommended intake. However, it’s essential to take a daily dose of fiber in your day to day diet. There are a lot of foods high in fiber listed above that will place you among the responsible one-third of Americans taking the right amount of fiber each day .

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