Gym workout for arthritis

Best exercises to relieve arthritis

Gym workout for arthritis: Arthritis can make simple daily activities very painful. The good news is that muscle training and stretching can improve physical health as well as mood. There are exercises that help relieve the pain of arthritis.

Gym workout for arthritis

Gym workout for arthritis


Walking is recommended for almost any pain caused by arthritis. It consolidates the bones while improving the flow of blood to the heart.

  • To better enjoy this exercise, it is best to walk at an accelerated pace.
  • Try to walk three to four times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time.
  • If it’s too cold outside to walk, try covered places like shopping malls, or go to a gym to practice treadmill.

Getting up from a chair

Getting up from a chair is a great exercise for people with leg arthritis pain and looking to strengthen their strengths.

  • Just sit down in a normal chair and get up to normal height.
  • Get up and sit down slowly 10 to 15 times.
  • By practicing slow and controlled movements, you will soon notice an improvement in your muscles.


Aquafitness is one of the best exercises for all those who suffer from joint pain.

  • Head to a fitness pool and go underwater at a steady pace.
  • You will not feel any pressure on your joints and you will be able to develop the endurance of your whole body thanks to the resistance of the water.


Everyone with arthritis should know the importance of stretching. Stretches can be done standing or sitting on a chair.

  • Stretch arms overhead and join hands with palms facing up.
  • Stretch them to the ceiling until you feel a stretch in your arms, shoulders, and back.
  • Then, gently bend the waist and let the hands fall down, trying to touch your toes.
  • Be careful not to tire the muscles you stretch, otherwise, you will cause additional injuries.

These are some of the best exercises to help you better manage the pain of arthritis. Be careful not to force yourself while exercising and be careful not to hurt yourself.

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