Healthy and beautiful skin tips 2019

Healthy and beautiful skin tips 2019

Healthy and beautiful skin tips 2019

Healthy and beautiful skin tips

Healthy and beautiful skin tips: Your routine of daily care, nutrition and hydration that you provide to the body are essential for a healthy complexion.

To have beautiful and rejuvenated skin it is important to maintain a routine of daily care, but it is also vital to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and high water consumption.

Although it may seem complicated, with a little discipline and perseverance you can achieve it.

Here are some healthy and beautiful skin tips for summer you must note down!

1. To keep the skin of the whole body healthy eliminate foods with a high glycemic index from your diet, recommended the Brazilian dermatologist Gabriela Casabona. Among these are those that contain corn syrup, maltose, glucose, modified starches, white flour bread and fruits such as melon, banana, papaya, mango, and kiwi, among others.

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“This type of food accelerates the breakdown process of collagen. They are those foods that when ingest them increase the insulin in the body, they create inflammation and this, in turn, activates the free radicals that break the collagen faster. Also, this type of diet that keep insulin high worsens acne, “he explained.

2. Use exfoliators that are moisturizing for both the skin and the body. The frequency should be once a week or every two weeks, depending on the reaction of the skin, Casabona suggested.

3. Do not forget to protect your skin from the sun. But this includes not only the face but also the neck and all those parts of the body that are left exposed. Ideally, the filter you use has a sun protection factor greater than 30 and if you are outdoors you should not spend more than two hours without reapplying. “The amount for the face is the equivalent of a teaspoon of tea,” suggested Casabona.

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4. Incorporate into your busy schedule an exercise routine to avoid flaccidity and cellulite. A recent study revealed that from the age of 20, the body begins to lose 1% of muscle mass every year.
“Studies say that if I keep eating the same thing every year, I will slow down the metabolism because it is the muscle that stimulates the metabolism. But if you lose 1% of muscle per year over 10 years, I will have 10% less muscle and more fat because I continued to eat the same. The corporal characteristic changes and that’s where the flaccidity starts because we have a layer of fat between the skin and the muscle that is greater, “Casabona explained.

5. Hydrate. “The consumption of water is very important to maintain the quality of the skin,” said José Raúl Montes, oculoplastic surgeon and medical director of José Raúl Montes Eyes & Face Rejuvenation. The minimum recommendation points to the consumption of eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day.

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6. Be consistent in your health and beauty routine. It is advisable that in addition to cleaning use a moisturizer or moisturizer and an antioxidant or a retinoid. The latter is a vitamin A derivative that stimulates cell regeneration, achieving a rejuvenated and healthier skin. “The skin of the face is tolerant because it is more oily or sebaceous than the other part of the body,” said dermatologist Luis Ortiz Espinosa.

7. Make sure that the moisturizers of the body and the skin contain ingredients such as vitamins A, C, and E, as well as oils derived from nature, such as coconut and avocado. “Moisturizing creams with glycerin are effective because they have been found to increase the penetration of moisture. These are also added antioxidants, exfoliating acids, salicylic acids or retinoids, “said Ortiz Espinosa.

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