The Best Healthy meals for weight loss

Balanced meal to lose weight

To concoct slimming meals well balanced is not very complicated. It is especially important to ensure that we eat in a sufficiently diversified way to avoid any food deficiency: this means using products from each food group (meat and allied foods, fruits, and vegetables, dairy products, starchy foods) every day.

Healthy meals for weight loss You should also avoid consuming too much fat, sugar, and salt the simplest is to focus as much as possible on home-made dishes because commercially prepared foods are often too rich in sugars, fats, and salt. It is also necessary to adopt cooking without fat (eg steaming) and bet on aromatic herbs to raise dishes rather than salt (an excess of salt promotes high blood pressure and water retention) .

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Healthy meals for weight loss
Healthy meals for weight loss

(Healthy meals for weight loss)

  • Number 1 Too often neglected, breakfast is a very important meal: it is it that allows you to replenish your energy after a good night’s rest. On the menu: tea or coffee (no sugar), fresh fruit for vitamins and mineral salts (eg pear, apple), two rusks for fiber and a natural yogurt 0%, source of calcium.
  • Number 2 A good homemade smoothie (eg milk, apple, banana, pear) provides both calcium and vitamins to the body. Besides, we also take a bowl of cereals, but we must check the product label. Ideally, breakfast cereals should contain very little sugar and fat, but a lot of fiber (at least 5g of fiber per 100g). A non-sweet hot drink (eg tea, coffee) can complete this menu.

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(Healthy meals for weight loss)

Breakfast with quinoa

Quinoa cooked in cow’s milk, soy or almond coupled with some fruit is an excellent substitute for cereals that you usually take at breakfast. In addition to that, quinoa is rich in protein and amino acids like lysine, which will allow you to charge your batteries for the whole day.

Quinoa should be cooked according to the instructions on the package except that milk should be put in place of water. With milk, you can add a little cinnamon or nutmeg for a better taste. It’s best with fresh fruits!

Oat squares with red fruits

If you are looking for a recipe that will appeal to your children too, these Red Fruit Oat Squares should please you! Very simple preparation in 15 min with flour, salt, oatmeal, butter, and red berries.

45 minutes of cooking for popular breakfasts and a reduced cost.

Quinoa banana crumble

This is a quinoa recipe. Easy to do, it will only take a few minutes of preparation in the morning. A balanced recipe containing rice-quinoa-chocolate muesli, almond puree, bananas, vanilla sugar, and yogurt.

A recipe to discover at ConsoGlobe proposed by Florence from makanaibio.

Fruit soup

To make a good fruit soup, you do not need much preparation. In a few minutes, you will have made your soup, provided you like the milk.

For this, plan fruits (peaches, strawberries, mangoes, banana …) and a little milk of your choice (cow, soy, almond, rice). Keep them cool and by combining the fruits and milk you will have your soup in minutes.

The Budwig Cream

The appearance of Budwig cream is not necessarily very appetizing and yet it is also nicknamed “morning delight”. Despite this aspect, we recommend you to taste this recipe initially invented by the pharmacist Johanna Budwig.

We offer the Recipe De Mély that combines fruits, cereals, oleaginous, banana, vegetable oil, and cottage cheese. A recipe composed of fresh products for a balanced breakfast!

(Healthy meals for weight loss)

  1. For a well balanced slimming lunch, raw vegetables are served as grated carrots. As a main dish, a chicken breast cooked in foil with its small vegetables (potatoes and green beans): the chicken is a source of animal protein very interesting as part of a diet because this meat is low in fat ( as long as the chicken is eaten without the skin). In addition, by cooking in foil, you do not have to add fat! We end this meal with a portion of low-calorie cheese and a homemade fruit salad.
  2. For the appetizer, half a grapefruit does the job very well. As the main course, a grilled salmon steak accompanied by whole grain rice and green beans will not hurt our line. For dessert, we fall for a bit of cottage cheese 0%.
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