How to improve digestion naturally at home

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The 10 that are most harmful to your digestive

How to at home: The best way to take care of your digestive health is to monitor the foods you eat. Here are 10 foods that can cause digestive disorders. Try to avoid them.

How to improve digestion naturally at home
How to improve digestion naturally at home

1. Dairy products

Many people develop a sensitivity to dairy products as they get older. It can cause gas problems, bloating and other stomach upsets.

  • Strive to eat dairy products sparingly or look for alternatives.

2. Peppers

Spicy foods stimulate the digestive system and can upset the stomach. Try to get away from very hot peppers or just use them sparingly.

3. Saccharin

Saccharin, as well as other artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol, are very difficult to digest. They can also prevent your stomach from absorbing nutrients from other sources.

  • Check the labels before you buy them to make sure they do not contain any of these harmful sweeteners.

4. Tomato sauce

The tomato sauce may seem harmless but is very rich in acid and, as a result, difficult to digest for many people. This can result in indigestion and acid reflux.

  • Try to get away from tomato sauce, especially if your stomach is already upset.

5. Fatty foods

Fried and fatty foods can really disrupt your digestive tract. They can cause constipation or diarrhea.

  • Try to avoid fatty, greasy foods such as butter, ice cream, red meat and anything fried.

6. Super sweet foods

Your body also has trouble digesting super-sweet foods. Some people have trouble dealing with sugars and the body does not like too much sweet or rich treats in general.

7. Processed foods

Processed foods contain added preservatives, have very little value to health and, as a result, can contribute to digestive problems.

  • Processed foods may also contain lactose, causing additional stomach problems for people who are allergic to dairy products.

8. Popcorn

Popcorn is notoriously difficult for the stomach. Difficult to break down and digest, seeds can cause damage in the digestive system while the body tries to treat them.

9. Coffee

Coffee is not necessarily easy to digest for the stomach, especially on an empty stomach. In addition, some sodas and teas are rich in caffeine and can be just as difficult.

10. Soft drinks

If they may seem refreshing, soft drinks can have an effect on digestion and cause stomach upset.

  • Keep away from bubbles if you have sensitive stomachs, especially suspicious of sodas to which other chemicals have been added.

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