How to lose weight healthily? Follow these tips

How to healthy

The best tips for a healthy diet.

healthy: Nowadays many people seek to lose weight ; However, not everyone does it the right way, and there are two options: the fast and less healthy way in which we suppress and nutrients or the slower, reasonable and healthy way, in which the balanced diet is maintained, but restricting calories and spending more on exercise.

how to lose weight healthy
how to lose weight healthy

Therefore, when choosing how to lose weight healthily, we must find that our meals are nutritious and satisfying so that we do not go hungry and cause bad choices between meals.

Thus, Nathaly María Aguilar Faconí from Nutritionist at home Peru, mentions that to lose weight healthily we must always keep in mind the vegetables and fruits, because our main objective is to nourish and satisfy us, and these foods will fulfill that mission.

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Likewise, we also do not have to forget about carbohydrates: rice or pasta or quinoa or wheat or potatoes, prioritizing the integrals because in addition to more nutritious they will be more satisfying. And, finally, the proteins, which are the ones that will also help to keep us satiated and to preserve muscle mass.

What cooking should we prioritize in our ? The specialist argues that the type of preparation should be basically grilled, oven, Teflon, steamed, wok, soft and sauteed stews that take advantage of the water released by the vegetables during sautéing over low heat. It is not a matter of surviving on plates and boiled because we have a variety of culinary techniques to make our menus healthy and tasty.

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In addition, choosing healthy foods, low in fat and sugars and use them in the approximate amounts recommended by the dish method, we do not need to count calories.

It is worth mentioning that the amounts of carbohydrates and proteins are approximate because the are personalized depending on the objective, sex, activity and body composition of each person.

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