How to make nails stronger home remedy

11 tips for strong nails

How to make nails stronger home remedy: Nails are an outside clue to health soft and brittle nails often report nutritional deficiency. Ignore them and you could end up with painful ingrown toenails or fungal infection. Follow these tips to make sure they stay healthy.

How to make nails stronger home remedy

How to make nails stronger home remedy

  1. To keep your nails hydrated
  • Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly into your cuticle and the surrounding skin of your nails each night before going to bed or whenever your nails are dry.

Not a fan of petroleum jelly?

  • Use castor oil as a substitute. It’s a thick-textured oil that contains vitamin E, which is great for your cuticles.
  • Otherwise, use olive oil, which is also great for moisturizing your nails.
  1. Wear rubber gloves
  • Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes by hand or using cleaning products.

Most household chores are hard on your nails, be it cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes or gardening.

  • To protect your fingers from dirt and aggressive cleaning, cover them with rubber gloves at the time of the chore.
  • To soften your hands, apply some cream before putting on the gloves.
  1. Cut your straight toenails

Cut your toenails straight to avoid ingrown toenails. This is even more important if you have diabetes!

  1. Dry your hands after doing the dishes

Dry your hands for at least two minutes after doing the dishes.

  • Also, be sure to dry your toes well after swimming or taking a shower. Moisture can cause fungal infections to your toes.
  1. Ventilate your work boots and sneakers

Better yet, keep two pairs of each and swap them so that you never put your feet in wet, sweaty shoes that can cause fungal infections.

  1. Wear 100% cotton stockings

These are the best for absorbing moisture, thus preventing fungal infections.

  1. Long live the vitamins!
  • To make your nails as strong and strong as a horse’s hooves, take 300 micrograms of biotin (vitamin B8) four to six times a day.

A long time ago, veterinarians discovered that biotin reinforced horses’ hooves, which are made from keratin, the same substance as for human nails.

  • Swiss researchers have found that people who take biotin every day for only five months have firmer, harder nails.
  • In one study, 63% of people who took biotin had stronger nails.
  1. Cut and file your nails near the end of your fingers
  • To keep your nails strong, avoid filing in a back and forth motion. File in one direction instead.
  • Never file your nails just after a shower or bath. The wet nails break more easily.
  1. Massage your nails to keep them strong and shiny

Polishing the nails increases the blood supply, which stimulates the nail matrix to grow further.

  1. Polish your nails

Polish your nails, even if only with a clear varnish. This will protect them.

  • If you prefer color, use a base coat, two thin layers of color and a top layer.
  • The color should last for at least seven days but should be removed after ten days.
  1. Avoid solvents containing acetone or formaldehyde

They are very drying for the nails.

  • Use acetate-based solvents instead.

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