Sore throat – How to Relieve Sore Throat

How to Relieve Sore Throat: No one can confidently say that they feel ok with a sore throat because this problem is a great source of inconvenience. In particular, sore throat usually accompanies with severe headache, inflammation sore, mild fever, difficulty speaking, which is really uncomfortable. To be more detailed, sore throat is a phenomenon when pharynx – the tube extending from the back of the mouth to the esophagus becomes inflamed.

While harmful elements such as virus, bacteria or fungus are said to be the main cause of sore throat, other factors making people more prone to this problem can be listed as polluted environment, the habit of smoking, using voice too frequently or reactions to seasonal allergy.

How to Relieve Sore Throat

How to Relieve Sore Throat

Because sore throat is quite common, thus, you are recommended to apply some effective home remedies to relieve sore throat discomforts efficiently.

1. Lemon – How to Relieve Sore Throat

The first ingredient which helps people relieve sore throat discomforts perfectly is lemon. It is clear that lemon is so rich in anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. As a result, it will help remove mucus-forming sore throat as well as reduce inflamed throat well. Moreover, lemon can also do wonder for anyone catching difficulties speaking caused by this problem. Besides, people can make use of lemon as Treatment for Kidney Stones.

Lemon – How to Relieve Sore Throat


  • Mix some lemon juice with honey
  • Let yourself sip the mixture little by little
  • Do like this frequently

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

As people all know, apple cider vinegar is an abundant source of antibacterial qualities. Thus, it is clear that it will become a wise choice to relieve sore throat due to the fact that bacteria, as well as germ, are believed to be the main cause of this issue.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Have a spoon of apple cider vinegar mix with some lemon juice and honey
  • Put them into a glass of water
  • Consume the solution little by little

3. Cinnamon

If you are struggling with sore throat discomforts, there is a super simple home remedy for you: cinnamon. In fact, this simple ingredient will relieve sore throat by killing bacteria as well as removing mucus in this area quickly.

Cinnamon – How to Relieve Sore Throat


  • Put a spoon of cinnamon powder into a cup of warm water
  • Have some black pepper powder mix with the solution
  • Strain it before gargling your mouth by the solution 2-3 times daily

4. Garlic

The combination of antibacterial and antiseptic qualities make garlic become an ideal choice to relieve sore throat perfectly. In addition, to add garlic into your daily meal, you can follow these steps to say goodbye sore throat quickly. Additionally, garlic can act as a home remedy on How to Get Rid Of Nasal Congestion.

Garlic – How to Relieve Sore Throat


  • Mix a spoon of garlic oil with a little water
  • Drink the mixture
  • Repeat the process every day

5. Honey

Honey is a time-tested natural treatment to relieve a sore throat. Facts have shown that hypertonic osmotic found in this ingredient has the ability to absorb water from the inflamed throat and accelerate healing process efficiently.

Honey – How to Relieve Sore Throat


  • Place a spoon of honey into a glass of water
  • Sip the solution little by little
  • Do like this several times a day

6. Turmeric

Turmeric – How to Relieve Sore Throat


Turmeric is said to be one of the simplest as well as the most effective home remedy for sore throat. It is believed that antiseptic elements found in this ingredient will relieve pain, inflammation as well as irritation associated with sore throat effectively. Therefore, get started your day with a cup of warm turmeric milk and you will feel much better for sure. Also, turmeric can also become tip on How to Get Rid of Cellulitis.

7. FenugreekFenugreek – How to Relieve Sore Throat


The removal of sore throat will speed up a lot thanks to the help of fenugreek. As we all know, fenugreek is so rich in mucus-dissolving qualities. Therefore, it can provide instant relief from annoying symptoms caused by a sore throat.