The Raw Food Diet: A Beginner’s Guide and Review

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Raw Food: Benefits
Raw Food: Benefits

Raw Food: healthy diets Benefits

Instead of following not too healthy diets, you can eat only what is given to us by nature, without worsening the products by heat treatment. In our time, there is a lot of research about nutrition. And it has long been proven that with high-temperature food processing, about 90% of all vitamins and minerals are destroyed and new, harmful ones are added. Thus, we are not only not saturated with vitamins, but quite the opposite, we get a lot of ballast substances and toxins. The worst thing is that after cooking, they lose the property of digestion itself. 

That is just enough to eat raw foods?

I guess, yes. Researchers of this topic believe that we are not a predator, and not a herbivore, but with some average fruit-eater, by physiological characteristics. That is, a variety of fruits are intended for human food by nature. So, for every kind. For example, boa. You will not feed him grass! Or a hare meat. After all, if they begin to eat like this, they will leave this world very soon. Therefore, people who eat meat, simply bring their lives to the finish line. Of course, this will not happen in a year or in 10, but it will happen much faster than they would have lived without meat. 

Where did excess fat come from? 

Quite simply, not only do modern people eat high carbohydrate and fatty foods, as well as portions exceed the norm by 5–6 times! And if low activity is added to this magnificence, it is not surprising that every year new and new fat grows. 


When a person switches to organic nutrition, substances begin to flow into the body, which in recent years was clearly not enough, and self-purification and regulation begin to start at the cellular level; In fact, the body acquires a natural state, predestined by nature. Usually, this happens very quickly (kilogram per day) and often unnoticed. Discomfort may occur at first, because the body begins a total reconfiguration. 

Let’s live longer! 

Cure disease is not a myth at all. Many people were able to get rid of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arrhythmia, and many others. One more thing: the organism in a raw foodist begins to spend many times less energy, even the heart rate decreases to 45 beats per minute. Thus, the wear is less, the operating time is longer.

Where to begin? 

With a solid decision to change the diet. You have to give yourself a word that you will move forward and never turn back. Only in this way will you truly feel the desire to change. And remember: this is not a simple diet, this is a world view!

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