Read heart attack symptoms and rescue measures from heart attacks

The heart attack is called “silent” without the usual symptoms. This means that the blood flow flowing towards the heart muscle is reduced to a great extent or is cut off completely.

Read heart attack  symptoms and rescue measures from heart attacks
Read heart attack symptoms and rescue measures from heart attacks.

Tips for Heart Patients during Winters:

In the event of a heart attack during the winter months, there is no complaint, such as difficulty breathing, chest stiffness, which in the chest, breathlessness and sudden sweating. A recent new study reveals the ‘ silent Heart attack which does not show any kind of symptoms. If you’re wondering what the silent heart attack is (what is Silent Heart attack), we tell you. The heart attack (Heart attack) consists of half the cases “silent” that significantly increase the risk of death. Dr. Manipal Hospitals Cardiac Sciences and chief Cardio Vaisakayuular surgeon at New Delhi’s Dwarka. The couple, says Mishra, “The heart attack that occurs without common symptoms is called ‘ silent ‘ (Silent Heart attack). The blood flow flowing towards the heart muscle is largely reduced or cut off completely.

Heart Attacks Can Be More Dangerous For Elderly

People who are more likely to risk a heart attack cannot afford the silent heart attack shock. It creates so much pressure on the heart that many times the patient is not able to call for help. Silent heart attacks can be fatal due to unrecognized symptoms, lack of proper treatment or absence of timely treatment. “

Why the Risk of Heart Attack Rises in Winter

  • In winter, the heart has to double hard to keep the body temperature intact. This is because blood pressure increases and it also brings a variety of variations in the blood, including a greater risk of blood clot freezing.
  • In addition, Rakatavahikae shrinks in the winter season, causing blood flow to narrow and also causes a heart attack.
  • If there is more demand for oxygen in the heart, the body temperature may decrease abnormally, the air pollutants that cause the chest infections, etc. can lead to a heart attack.

Tips for Heart Patients during Winters

Following a few rules can avoid heart attack-

  • Avoid walking in the cold in the morning as this can increase blood pressure which increases the pressure on the heart.
  • Changing the time of the trip will not only help you find enough sunshine which is the source of vitamin D, but also heat the body.
  • Cover the body well with warm clothes when you are out of the house.
  • Maintain the discipline of your exercise and do not idly in the winter.
  • Continue the lightweight physical exercise, but also check your blood pressure as well.
  • Food and medicines take time to dhalata the body according to the weather demand.
  • Likewise, try every possible to avoid contamination caused by air pollution and other causes.
  • If the infection is also taken, take immediate medical help so that the patient can get comfortable.
  • Heart patients should not have fried food, because the body has to do more work to digest it.
  • -Eat food that is healthy to the heart and helps improve your health.

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