Skin Rash: Pictures, Causes, Types, and Treatments info

What happens to skin rashes ?

These are widespread wounds on the skin, having a skin rash is a big medical term (vocabulary). Skin rashes can be present in different types and many numbers and there are many possible reasons for this. There are many types of treatment due to its many types.

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These rashes can also live up to only a small part of the body and can spread in many other parts of the body. There are many forms of skin rash, they can appear as a dry, moist, erect, ruffian, or smooth. Due to these, painful itching can occur and changes in skin color may occur.

Skin Rash, skin rash pictures, skin rash that itches, skin rash lupus.

Skin Rash, skin rash pictures, skin rash that itches, skin rash lupus.

Skin rashes, swelling in the skin, burns and changes in its color, causing the normal appearance of the skin. There are many different types of rashes, including infection, heat, allergic substance, immune system disorders and medicines.

Types of skin rashes

How many skin rashes can be ?

The wheels are divided into itching and without itching.

Types of itchy rash include the following:

  • Urticaria and urticaria
  • Cutting by insects, such as bedbugs
  • Eczema ( scabies ; mite infection)
  • Eczema (skin allergy)
  • Dry skin (also called gerosis)
  • Vomiting (in areas of moisture, heat, abrasive, irritation or superficial infection)
  • Some types of viral rashes etc.

Without itching, which include:

  • Rosacean (Rosacea)
  • Psoriasis (Psoriasis)

Skin rash symptoms

What are the symptoms of skin rashes?

Most itching in the wheels or touching it starts itchy, although in some be? cases, itching and irritation of the wheezing also occur.

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Rashes can get out in many different colors, shapes and patterns. Most of the rashes are susceptible to swelling and burning in the skin. The rocks are described in the following forms:

  • Flat and spotty
  • Raised upwards and raised (granular)
  • Plaque like sheets
  • A mixture of flat and upwards rocks, which is called maculopopular.
  • Small Piped Grain (Pustular)
  • Acneform (acneforms, small or large size pimples)
  • Small clear blisters (vesicular)
  • Red or pink rashes
  • Small marks in the skin from which blood is released (Petechial).
  • White and silver color rashes (Psoriasis)
  • Initially dry, flaky and rough, and after some time the color deterioration and thickness (eczematous).
  • Scorched or in areas where scratches (excoriated). It can happen with any other rashes.

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When should the doctor show up ?

The doctor should show the following conditions:

  • If the skin is made of small red grains, which do not feel touching and are not lightweight by pressing.
  • If there is a blue mark on the skin, which is not related to any injury etc.
  • If the rash did not improve even for a week.
  • Throat pain
  • Joint pain
  • If recently some animal or insect has been cut.
  • Red strips around the wheels
  • Pain on touching the skin around the rash
  • Excessive amount of pudding or pumping
  • Rapid changes in skin color
  • Feeling of difficulty in breathing or feeling suffocated (as if the throat is closed)
  • To get pain or become serious,
  • High fever ,
  • Confusion (Confusion)
  • Dizziness ,
  • Sweat in the face or hands and feet
  • Pain in the neck
  • Headache
  • Frequent vomiting or diarrhea .

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Skin Rash Causes

What causes skin rashes and risk factors ?

There are many possible causes of skin rashes, including allergies, diseases, reactions, and medications. These can also be due to bacterial infections , viral infections, fungal infections and parasitic infections.

Some common causes of skin rashes such as :

Dermatitis –
This is one of the most common causes of rash, it occurs when an item that is allergic reaction is touched. The skin may be red and swollen, and the rashes can emerge.
Medicines –
Due to some types of medicines, some people develop rashes, which is a cause of allergic reactions.
Infections – Infections
caused by fungal, bacteria and viruses etc. can cause rashes, rashes can vary depending on the type of infection.
Self-immunodeficiency (auto-immune disease) –
This condition occurs when a person’s immune system starts attacking healthy tissues of his body. There are many types of autoimmune diseases, some of which cause rashes also.

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Some common conditions of skin rashes :

  • Shingles (herpes zoster) –
  • This is a raised bud , which is converted into painful blisters, due to the horns, irritation and itching of the skin and the skin becomes very sensitive.
  • Urticaria ( Hives ) –
  • itching due to hives, may feel irritation and pricks. Due to these factors, temperature, throat infections , allergies to medicines, other foods mixed with foods and food items such as spices etc.
  • Psoriasis
  • Thick and red spots covered with white and silver colored lenses are signals of psoriasis. Its spots usually develop around the head, the elbow, the knee or the lower part of the back. They come and go all the time in life.
  • Eczema
  • Eczema is like a bundle for many non-infectious conditions, which cause swelling, red, dryness and itching skin. Stress, stimulant substances (such as soaps, detergents), allergic substances and climate can further enhance its symptoms.
  • Rosesia ( Rosacea ) –
  • This can be easily tendency, including nose, chin, cheeks, and Rosesia be redness on the forehead of redness.
  • The blisters surrounding the mouth –
  • they are also known as fever wounds, because often fever filled with feces on the mouth and lips in the fever. Due to the herpes simplex virus can cause painful, short bursts of boils around the mouth and nose. Apart from this, it can also be due to excessive sunlight, tension and hormonal changes such as periods etc.
  • Pimples ( acne )
  • When the pores and lifeless skin cells filled with oil swollen, then the pimples begin to come out. Pimples started by bacteria and hormones usually appear on most faces, chest and back.
  • Herpes –
  • herpes is a highly contagious fungal infection, which makes red or silver colored round and scaly patch on the skin, it can also be itching and irritation.
  • Measles
  • Measles is a highly infectious disease, which usually affects young children, measles rashes are like red-brown acne.

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Prevention of Skin Rash

How can the rocks be prevented on the skin ?

Most of the rashes are difficult to prevent, however, there are some specific rashes which can be prevented:

  • Avoid people who have infectious rashes.
  • Try to avoid allergic rashes, which cause allergic reactions .
  • Use sunscreen to avoid sunburn . (Read more – Sunburn measures )
  • If you have an eczema problem, do not use more hard soap.

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Diagnosis of Skin Rash

How can the skin rashes be tested / diagnosed?

To test the skin rashes, the doctor will examine the patient physically and ask about his previous medical information. The color of the rocks, the place, the spread and the itching associated with the wheels, etc. helps doctors to diagnose this disease.

Other tests that may be required:

  • Complete blood count (Complete blood count)
  • Skin biopsy ( Skin biopsy by removing samples from skin)
  • Specific blood tests for allergies.

Skin Rash Treatment

How are skin rashes treated ?

Skin rashes are treated as a way to cure their internal causes.

However, there are some basic remedies that can accelerate the recovery of skin rashes and reduce the related problems, including the following –

  • Use light soap – which are not fragrant.
  • Do not wash with hot water, use lukewarm water to play it.
  • Keep the ropes open, do not try to cover them with a bandage etc.
  • Do not rubbing or chewing rocks, doing this can lead to infection.
  • If rashes are dry like eczema, then use moisturizers.
  • Do not use any lotion or cosmetic products that can cause rashes.
  • To avoid the risk of infection, save the spots from any type of scratches.
  • Cream of hydrocortisone can reduce itching.
  • Calamine can remove some types of rashes, such as poison ivy and chicken pox. (Read more – Benefits of calamine lotion )

If there is a slight pain or itching due to rashes, acetaminophen and IBuprofen medicines can help, but these are not long term solutions nor can they treat the causes of the rash. It is important to talk to a doctor once it takes them.