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Typical teenage Diet for teens: In the modern , where slender girls and pumped up guys smile at us from TV screens and various magazines, advertising branded clothes, cosmetics, and other goods, fashion for a slim figure is also common among teenagers. It is not uncommon for children from an early age to suffer from being overweight, and not just inventing that they are fat. Being overweight can lead to many complications. One of the most terrible diseases is diabetes mellitus and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

typical teenage diet
typical teenage diet

and correctly?

If you are going to bring your weight back to normal, adolescents and their parents should be guided mainly by how to do it correctly, without causing harm to the growing organism.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it is impossible to use any diet “for adults”. On that, they and “adults” to give effective results for an already formed organism. In adolescence, hormonal changes are just beginning, the body is sensitive to various influences. And this seemingly innocuous exercise as a diet can cause serious harm if not carefully thought out.

You should also not strive to lose weight quickly. Losing weight is necessary at a slow pace, but with firm confidence and consistency.

The adolescent diet aims to reduce excess fat deposits. In this fight, you will also help sports. It is not necessary to immediately sign up in the karate section or dance school and exhaust yourself with workouts. Everything should be in moderation. Enough a couple of times a week to visit the pool, jog, or arrange a short bike ride. This will help speed up the metabolic processes – respectively, you will most likely achieve the desired result.

Before you go on a diet for teenagers, you need to visit a doctor who will tell you for sure whether you are overweight, what optimal weight you should have and specify which products you should use and which supplements you can include in your diet. After all, even adhering to a diet, adolescents should receive vitamins and trace elements, so necessary for their body.

What is her diet for teenagers?

We offer you several options for the diet menu for teens aged 12 to 15 years. They can be alternated to make a variety in the diet. Recall that each teenager can make a personalized diet, which will also be effective, but will take into account his culinary preferences. The first version of the diet for teens Breakfast.

Low-fat cottage cheese with honey (150 g), boiled egg (1 pc.), A glass of milk or tea.

Dinner. Vegetable soup with green peas, chicken fillet (150 g).

Tea time Tomato juice (or any vegetable of your choice), toast with a little butter and cheese.

Dinner. Fish low-fat varieties in baked form and salad with greens.

Comment. Many teenagers neglect breakfast, believing that in this way they will not be able to lose weight. But the first meal in the morning is a charge of vigor and strength. Calories obtained from during breakfast are spent throughout the day and are not deposited in the stock at all.

As for cooking, the meat is best cooked and not fried. Broth for cooking soup is better to take a vegetable, not meat. Both in soups and salads, it is recommended to add white cabbage, color, Brussels sprouts, broccoli. These of cabbage are low in calories, but at the same time contain many useful substances.

As a dressing for salads, it is better to use olive oil. Salt is desirable to use in small quantities so that the food was not entirely fresh.

The second option diet for teens

Breakfast. Buckwheat porridge, boiled veal, a glass of milk or tea.
Dinner. Baked lean fish, salad with cabbage and carrots, a glass of tea.
Tea time Sponge cake, fruit (any, except grapes and bananas).
Dinner. A portion of not very sweet curd casserole and yogurt.

The third option diet for teens

Breakfast. Boiled meat, two toasts, and two tomatoes, a glass of tea.
Dinner. Lean borscht, one boiled egg, baked potatoes, and cabbage salad.
Tea time The choice – yogurt and crackers or kefir.
Dinner. Chicken fillet and green tea.

The fourth option diet for teens

Breakfast. Buckwheat porridge, chicken fillet, a glass of milk or tea.
Dinner. Buckwheat soup with mushrooms, soft-boiled eggs (2 pcs.), Tomato juice.
Tea time Sponge cake and fruit.
Dinner. 1 baked potato, a slice of hard cheese (50 g), yogurt.

Recommendations for a diet for teens

Nutrition for teens who want to lose weight should be fractional. Meals should be no less than 4. Portions should be small in size, and the intervals between two meals should not be very long. You should also monitor the calorie content of the dishes. They should not be too much.

The transition to diet food should be done gradually. It is necessary to gradually eliminate from the diet the most harmful products. For a start, it is better to exclude various sweets (especially, such as chewing gum, candy, Chupa Chups, toffee), sweet soda, semolina, white bread.

Bread should be consumed in small quantities and preferably whole grain, wholemeal flour, with bran.
You need to drink plenty of fluids (the more, the better). The amount of salt consumed should be significantly reduced, but completely refuse to use salt is undesirable.

Vegetables, fruits, and berries are best consumed seasonally. Then they have the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients.

Sugar can be replaced with honey (if there is no allergy), but it should also be taken in small quantities because it also contains many calories.

The diet of adolescents who stick to a diet should have enough protein. Therefore, meat, crisps, eggs, dairy, and lactic acid products should be included in the preparation of a diet for adolescents. The same applies to plant . Vegetables can be eaten both raw and subjected to various culinary processing (cook, bake). Cereals are also welcome.
As for store juices, they should be excluded from the menu of teenagers. They contain a lot of sugar, preservatives, and dyes. It is best to prepare juices yourself from fresh vegetables, berries, fruits.

A very important place in the diet of adolescents occupy the first courses. We must not forget soups, borscht, and broths. Food is best when used in a diet low in fat. However, switching to low-fat products is not recommended. When choosing between fats of plant and animal origin, preference should be given first. In the diet of adolescents on the diet should be a minimum of convenience foods, canned food, fast food, smoked meat, and very salty foods. And it is better to completely abandon such products.

It is permissible to hold fasting days (from 15 years). This does not mean that on a fasting day a teenager should starve. Once a week, the menu reduces the amount of fat and completely eliminates sweet dishes (pastries, ice cream, chocolate, sweet drinks, very sweet fruits, etc.). But the number of proteins on the contrary increase. They should be in food at about 90-100 g.

Adhering to a diet for teenagers for about a month, it is quite possible to lose 4 or 5 extra pounds. However, they will not soon return back, if you follow the general recommendations for the diet and monitor the calorie content of products.

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