what are the common symptoms of diabetes type1/2

Diabetes is a serious disease. The dangerous thing is that the high blood sugar level that is common to all types of diabetes does not cause any pain and the more common symptoms are often not recognized. Since a long-term elevated blood sugar levels can do a lot of damage in the body, it is important to detect and treat existing diabetes in good time. In addition, the knowledge of the symptoms is the first step.

The intensity of the symptoms and the rate of onset depend on the type of diabetes.

what are the common symptoms of diabetes
what are the common symptoms of diabetes

Most Common symptoms of diabetes

The type 1 diabetes is the most prominent diabetes Type: The defective pancreas and thus greatly decreasing insulin levels become very suddenly by symptoms such as unusually severe thirst and frequent urination noticeable. Often there is also a rapid weight loss. Depending on the severity of these symptoms, sufferers do not think of diabetes first. Talk to your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms17

The insensitivity of the cells to insulin and the insulin deficiency in type 2 diabetes develop very insidiously in the beginning compared to type 1 diabetes.

This means that even the symptoms are slow and less pronounced. Under certain circumstances, sufferers also get used to unremarkable symptoms such as increased urination and drinking and do not recognize them as unusual. Therefore, especially with this type of diabetes there is a great risk that the disease will be recognized late. Often, type 2 diabetes is diagnosed too late and the elevated blood sugar level has already caused consequential damage.

In the case of gestational diabetes, it is similar to type 2 diabetes: blood sugar metabolism slowly gets out of balance. However, it is not necessary for those affected to recognize their own diabetes, as such examinations are now standard practice in check-ups during pregnancy. more information on the type and timing of these examinations.



The symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes overlap. However, they occur differently and suddenly in different stages of life. Thus, type 1 diabetes can already be noticeable in childhood. In contrast, type 2 diabetes often occurs only after the age of 50 years.


An expectant mother will only seldom recognize that she has gestational diabetes. Especially against the background of the disembodied physical sensations, symptoms are hardly noticed. However, as gestational diabetes can be dangerous for the mother herself and for the unborn child, certain check-ups are standard medical precautionary measures. In the course of such an investigation, for example, an excessive growth of the child can be detected – a possible indication of an existing gestational diabetes.

what are the common symptoms of diabetes
what are the common symptoms of diabetes

If you have gestational diabetes, your doctor will give you a detailed consultation. In addition, it is advisable to attend a training course in order, for example, to learn how to measure blood sugar and to deal in greater detail with the topic of nutrition in gestational diabetes.