The 5 Best Yoga Postures to Relieve Lower Back Pain

The 5 Best Yoga Postures to Relieve Lower Back Pain: Yoga focuses on breathing and stretching, making it one of the best exercises to avoid lower back pain. Here are the five best yoga postures to relieve lower back pain.

The 5 Best Yoga Postures to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Yoga Postures Lower Back Pain

1. The dog upside down

Considered an iconic yoga posture, the dog upside down stretches the whole body, specifically targeting the extensor muscles of the back.

  • When you adopt this posture, consider stretching your back as far as possible while raising your hips and pushing your heels to the ground.
  • Since it is important to have your back straight, bend your knees as needed.

2. The posture of the child

The child’s posture may seem easy, but when properly done, it is one of the most intense yoga postures.

  • This posture makes it possible to lengthen the back and thus to stretch and relieve the whole body.
  • To perform the pose, start on all fours and lower your body until you are on your knees on your heels.
  • Then, lean forward and stretch your arms out. Keep the pose.

3. The posture of the pigeon

Although pigeon posture is a bit difficult for a new yoga enthusiast, it is one of the best stretches for rotators and hip flexors.

  • Since it is essential to adopt the correct position, start this dog posture upside down, then bend one knee and drop it under your body, towards your thigh.
  • Lay both legs on the floor keeping one leg bent towards the body. Try to keep the knee bent as straight as possible.
  • Hold for at least five breaths and repeat with the other leg.

If your hips do not touch the ground, place a yoga block under the hip to make the posture easier.

4. The posture of the triangle

The triangle is one of the best postures to strengthen the back and legs. This posture involves lengthening the muscles on one side of the body while stretching the iliotibial band.

  • Start in the slot position by placing your right foot about one meter in front of your left foot.
  • Lie your leg forward and turn your chest to the side while raising your left hand to the ceiling.
  • Use the hand closest to the ground to grab the ankle or use a yoga block for better support.

5. The posture of the cat and the cow

Ideal for lower back pain, this posture stretches and relaxes the back muscles. This is the perfect exercise to start a yoga session.

  • Start with the table or four-legged posture and arch your back up to adopt the cat’s posture.
  • Then, without moving your hips or arms, push the spine to the ground, lift your head and hold the pose.

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